Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Pages 1-24

Here are the original 24 pages completed bar some colour corrections and fixing any errors I find. I'll be adding 2 more pages, a cover, and title credits, etc... over the next few days. If all goes well I might actually finish a few days before hand in.  

My take on the pages at the moment is that I might have over done the texture image. I think it's a little low res as well. If I can find a higher res one I want to use I can edit the colours to keep them with the aged faded look. There're also some slight colour variations on the white on each page as I have used some colour layers on Hard light on most pages but using a different colour. It might not be worth "fixing" that as it is barely noticeable. 

Over all I am really pleased with how these pages have turned out, particularly because I am not experienced colouring at all. 

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