Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Page 3 Inks Page 4 Wip

Pretty happy with page 3 although I will no doubt make some edits in coming days. I do think there is some perspective issues in panel 2. I should be able to correct it by moving elements around. Page 4 has similar problems. It's not clear they are on a car, Alice is about 8 feet tall in the background. This one will be trickier to solve without destroying the composition. Maybe I can get away with cheating it if it looks great.

I'm on track to get about 3 pages done per week at the moment. Once I get a couple more things out the way I think I can get 4 pages inked per week. The plan for now is to forge ahead and get to the 12 page mark then go back and get some colours on the pages. Ill be able to judge by the time remaining and how long this has taken how much I will be able to complete by the deadline. I would like to get more than 24 done but at least would like to hit the 24 mark. 

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Page 1+2 inked

The first couple of pages are inked. I think I am going to forge on and get a good few more pages inked (and possibly lettered as well) before considering colours. I'm not sure if it is best to go for as many pages as I can of the 40 inked for hand in or the 24 min fully inked and coloured. 

Also I think the colouring may take a bit of time as I am not as used to colouring my pages. It's something I'll think about as I continue.

Both these pages took a full day to go from the layout stage to how they are now. I will definitely want to make some changes after I get some more pages to this stage as well. I have already noticed a few things that can be more effective. I think I need to push a couple of the poses further in some panels. This is something maybe I can review after I get the full first scene finished.

Here are how the pages look now.

I think the bottom sequence on page 2 really works well. The shot contrasts and the effects are working. The top of the page can maybe use some variation in panel size, 

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Major Project Layouts

I've spent the last week and a half planning out the entire major project. Predictably we have way overshot the mark with 40 pages. 

I asked Dom to write the script from my idea and told him to not worry about the page count, just make sure it makes sense. It could have been worse I suppose but it looks like that was a mistake.

Clearly I will be doing the minimum 24 pages and finishing the rest after hand in which is unfortunate but I didn't want to chop the story up anymore as it was already a bit compressed and I don't want to compromise the artwork quality by trying to get all 40 pages done. 

I tried to get all the body language and page compositions working at this point so that I can focus on the finish of the pages from here on out. I've noted before but for me this is the hard part. It's all thinking and not much drawing. I'm thinking about plotting out each page so that it is a nice looking illustration when looked at as a whole, that it moves the story forward clearly and additionally i am trying to do similar scenes and shots in different ways each time as I want to avoid getting stuck in a pattern and want to continually be trying new approaches.

There are a few notes in red I have left myself for various changes so that when i come to those pages I can make the fixes before I begin finishing the pages.

There is a variety of quality to the different pages. Some are definitely clearer than others. I think for a few of the pages I will be able to go straight to inks with some panels and save some time that way. 

I am a little concerned that I haven't used enough establishing shots. I'll address this as well as I continue with the work.

It was cool to get some double page spreads in there too - something I haven't done before so that will be an interesting challenge.

Anyway, here are the layouts. 

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Costume Colour Tests

I've been trying to work out how the superhero unifroms will look. Here's a bunch of tests. I'm really not pleased with the icon - it's pretty much a placeholder for now.