Friday, 16 June 2017

9-10 Inks

I changed these pages a lot from the initial layouts. I felt that page 9 was too cramped for a few reasons. The figures were all too small, nothing was really becoming the interesting element of the page and there was quite a lot of dialogue. I was also conscious that I need to include more establishing shots. I think its a pretty big flaw in my most recent pages over the last year or so and am trying to consciously do things differently. So I decided to move the bottom panel to page 10 and lose panel 2 from the page 10 layout. I will need to shuffle some word balloons around but I am happier with the results. Page 9 I feel is still incredibly weak. I will definitely make further changes to this page before it is finished. Page 10 has turned out brilliantly though. It's probably one of the best so far.

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