Wednesday, 28 June 2017

15-16 Inks

Here are page 15 and 16 inks. 10 pages to go for hand in. I am really starting to feel ambivalent about some of the earlier pages. I think I will go through them all and re render some parts before colouring. It doesn't feel consistent when i take it all in at once at the moment. One of the main things is a lack of strong blacks in earlier pages. I'll make a pass through the pages soon and rectify these things.

I also noticed several panel layout patterns I keep defaulting to. I want to stamp that out as much as possible going forward. I tend to use a wide middle panel frequently and I noted before I used the 3 panels along the bottom of the page a lot too. I know there are only so many layouts possible but I don't want to be doing things the same way out of habit. 

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