Sunday, 25 June 2017

12-14 Inks

Inks for 12-14. Should be able to get 15 completely done tomorrow and the 2/3's milestone , page 16 on Tuesday. I am trying to keep the panels mixed up to avoid repeated page patterns. I noticed on 3 separate pages already I have 3 uniform panels running along the bottom of the page.  I want every page to be individual. Another thing to look out for going forward.

On page 12 I have little to no backgrounds. Partly I thought the dialogue would take up more space and partly because  I didn't think it was overly relevant having established the setting in previous pages. Looking at it now though I think maybe I can add some more detail to panel one just to anchor the page in that scene. I'm fairly unhappy with page 13. It's a bit bland but I think I got enough variety of shots in there. I might go back into it and open the border on panel 1. Both of these pages feel like they are missing the "one key image" that draws the eye.

I've added an extra panel here at the start. I'm not totally sure it's needed but as I mentioned in a previous post I think I need to be wary of how close my "camera" is.  I am trying to spend more time drawing the environments and establishing a sense of space in the pages.

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