Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Page 3 Inks Page 4 Wip

Pretty happy with page 3 although I will no doubt make some edits in coming days. I do think there is some perspective issues in panel 2. I should be able to correct it by moving elements around. Page 4 has similar problems. It's not clear they are on a car, Alice is about 8 feet tall in the background. This one will be trickier to solve without destroying the composition. Maybe I can get away with cheating it if it looks great.

I'm on track to get about 3 pages done per week at the moment. Once I get a couple more things out the way I think I can get 4 pages inked per week. The plan for now is to forge ahead and get to the 12 page mark then go back and get some colours on the pages. Ill be able to judge by the time remaining and how long this has taken how much I will be able to complete by the deadline. I would like to get more than 24 done but at least would like to hit the 24 mark. 

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