Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Page 1+2 inked

The first couple of pages are inked. I think I am going to forge on and get a good few more pages inked (and possibly lettered as well) before considering colours. I'm not sure if it is best to go for as many pages as I can of the 40 inked for hand in or the 24 min fully inked and coloured. 

Also I think the colouring may take a bit of time as I am not as used to colouring my pages. It's something I'll think about as I continue.

Both these pages took a full day to go from the layout stage to how they are now. I will definitely want to make some changes after I get some more pages to this stage as well. I have already noticed a few things that can be more effective. I think I need to push a couple of the poses further in some panels. This is something maybe I can review after I get the full first scene finished.

Here are how the pages look now.

I think the bottom sequence on page 2 really works well. The shot contrasts and the effects are working. The top of the page can maybe use some variation in panel size, 

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