Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Major Project Schedule

Working from the assumption that the deadline will be around week 1-2 of August, I have a little over 3 months to complete the project. The schedule can be amended when the final deadline is revealed. 

For the first week in May I want to get the script and character designs finalised. I already have the rough plotted in place and I'll be working with Dom to create the final script and dialogue as there are a number of things I want to include in the project. The final page count should be somewhere in the region of 24-30 pages to allow me to spend enough time on each page to achieve the best possible quality. I'll continue working on the characters looks and the costume designs in this time as well.

I will spend the rest of May thumb-nailing and creating page layouts for the project. During this stage I'll spend a lot of time experimenting with different layouts of pages as well as I want to continue to try different ways of using the comic form as I did with Lost Legionnaire. I'll be creating the layouts pencils and inks in Clip-studio but will also take each layout into Illustrator and begin the lettering process as well since it will save some time later on in the project when I will want to be focused on adding finishing touches to the art. 

From the last week in May through June and July I will be creating the final artwork. As I complete each page I will export it into Illustrator to add the lettering layers and then into the final InDesign project I have set up already in preparation for printing.

This will leave a week or 2 to make any corrections or as a buffer should I struggle hitting the deadlines.

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