Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Comichaus Poster Project

A couple of weeks ago we were given a 2 week project to create a poster for a new comics app for the publisher, Comichaus. 

They wanted a 1950's style advert so after some quick research I decided to go for a pretty girl to sell the product. The brief asked for the app to be displayed on an i-pad so that the publisher can stick the different covers into it easily. 

That either meant the floating screen that I went with or the back of a character holding the device and looking over their shoulder or the character holding up the device. I decided to keep it simple and have the floating I-pad large and visible in front of the illustration. 

I started by finding some reference and doing a rough layout and followed that up with tighter pencils.

I then inked the image in vector layers. I find this helps me clean up the line manually after drawing by using the vector tools in Clip Studio as I have quite a shaky hand generally. 

I noticed at near the end that the girls body was bothering me. I think it needs to be a bit longer around the mid section. If the publisher comes back and wants to use the image I will edit it to fix this as it will annoy me for it to be out there when I know it's "wrong".

After the line work was done I flat coloured the image and began rendering with light and shadow layers and finally finished off the piece by dropping in some old paper textures and stains at low opacity. I actually think the flat colour version might work better. It's really nice and graphic.

The red background is clashing with the .com of the logo. Even changing the .com to white I think the background colour will still have to be edited.

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